Report Date: 03/16/2006

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Sir Speckles Leboufe

Reg Name: Sir Speckles Leboufe
Reg #: HP134859/04 Breed/Variety: Dachshund
Birth Date: 12/30/2004 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black & Tan Dapple
Breeder(s): Jean Delaune

Sir Speckles Leboufe
Black & Tan Dapple
Toby's Irish Creme
HP088889/02 04-05
AKC DNA #V353492
Handy Buffy Cream ML
HM608175/02 11-96
AKC DNA #V88537
HM360263/03 06-95
AKC DNA #V148703
Patty XI
HD109176 09-86
Katrina Holz
HD639629 02-90
Red & Black
Munchee Holz
HM501654/04 06-95
Blue & Tan Dapple
Sunspots' Piebald Ribbon
HM270681/02 12-91
White & Tan Piebald
Southern Skies' Sunset Amber
HM355703/01 12-92
Carter's Blonde Gold Mine
HM955476/01 03-03
Handys Half Cream Randy ML
HM834984/03 09-00
AKC DNA #V88538
St.Onge's Philadelphia Cream Cheese
HM743688/01 09-99
AKC DNA #V173710
Kane's Made From Scratch Tess ML
HM745700/01 09-99
Black & Tan
Handys Blonde Barbara Ms
HM856084/03 01-01
Handys Eastfront Rylee ML LH
HM673439/02 02-98
Handys Sweet Cream Puff Ms
HM659000/01 05-98
Delaune's Princess Bella Boo
HP091432/01 04-05
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Carter's Toby"N"Trouble ML
HP012584/05 08-03
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
AKC DNA #V296967
Finley's Danny Boy-MLD
HM930158/05 04-02
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V222937
Handys Isabella Thunder ML
HM851087/02 09-00
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
AKC DNA #V88540
Handys Isabella Sophia MLD
HM826541/03 03-01
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dapple
Finley's Blue Jean
HM932709/01 09-02
Blue & Tan
Ky's Cordy Of Blue Sky's
HM876591/01 03-01
Blue & Tan
Kys Fudgie Gal Of Quaker O
HM807685/01 03-01
Chocolate & Tan
Carter's Foxy Fawn Roxy Ms
HN002902/04 06-04
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Lapo Blue Solo Jet ML
HM748903/06 07-99
Blue & Tan Dapple
Woodland King Ferdinand Ms
HM628265/01 11-97
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Lapo Casey Blueberry Dapple
HM674696/04 04-98
Blue & Tan Dapple
M&M Dachs Hikaru ML
HM943629/03 10-02
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Woodland's Nickle N Dimer Ms
HM681066/01 04-98
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
AKC DNA #V71763
ST. Onge's Misty Blue ML
HM748903/01 10-99
Blue & Tan

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